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At Be Styled UK we believe everyone has the right to look their very best and our team have the experience to help you do just that! We have an array of services that will compliment your every styling requirement from grooming and make-up, to wardrobe consultations and a personal shopping or concierge experience.


Our specialists are equipped to help you to understand what epitomizes style and moreover they can style you with work, an event, high fashion or your personal style in mind – with any budget.




Our personal styling team is comprised of experienced stylists, image consultants and personal shoppers who deal with the needs of people and corporate clientele on a daily basis. Our stylists have developed their skills from the quarters of the most famous and influential department stores in Central London, bespoke tailors, luxury brands and working in a corporate environment.


They understand what epitomizes style and moreover they can style you with business, high fashion and your personal style in mind with any budget.

We understand what it means to excel in business and this goes beyond clothes; personal grooming, confidence and knowledge are also key requirements. We cannot offer you knowledge in your field but we can show you how to appear confident, develop your own personal brand and show you the grooming practices of the best.


We are approved stylists for Westfield W12

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Mens Back To Basics Wardrobe

Whether you are a fashion follower or someone who is seeking to reinvent their wardrobe, every man should have the basics of fashion for survival.


Yet many  believe that the principle of ‘essential’ should be left out in a fashion context afterall apart from air, sleep and water nothing is essential. Right?


Wrong - Below are not only essentials for your wardrobe but items that will help you on your way to achieving more of a styled look.


Our list is generally appropriate for all ages and tastes, they are not flashy and they are not trendy but rock solid, versatile basics.


Plain Tees (aka T-Shirts)


This may sound like a no brainer, but you would be surprised the amount of men that don’t own a reasonable selection of tees (aka T-Shirts). Tees are a throw on piece that you don’t need to think about and they enrich any look instantly, just by being unfussy and timeless.


We suggest you buy multiples of the basic white, grey, black and navy. Our personal choice of brand would be Gap and American Apparel. It’s worth investing a bit extra on tees so they don’t shrink or distort over time – definitely ‘quality over quantity’. Not to mention the fact that tees can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and other items worn with them.


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The Hottest Trend for Spring 2014

Topshop Shoes
Picture has been taken by Tanja at “Topshop” store.

Animal print fans, it’s time to get up and party because animal print has never been hotter!


London Fashion Week SS14 gave the thumbs up to leopard print, snake print, zebra – you name it, whether it was the celebrities or designers, animal print was everywhere.


According to Be Styled UK Executive Stylist Tanja for this spring/summer you must have at least one item with animal print.


You can’t go wrong wearing animal print this season. It is easy to spice up your look with shoes or a handbag with this trend.


This trend is oldest one on earth, which humanity wears. From the Stone Age men and women were wearing animal print clothes; actually it was real fur and real animal skin.


We are in better luck these days, we don’t need to hunt and kill for stylish and fashionable looks. 



How to wear animal print:



Keep it simple. If you do wear bold animal print you may choose to tone-down accessories to keep the style glamorous instead of over the top. The print itself draws the eye anything extra will visually fight with the pattern. 



We don’t recommend you to wear two big clothing items with animal prints, we do advise however that you to wear printed boots and a handbag.


Animal prints are usually very busy and charged so as we said earlier; make sure you tone them down with soft or neutral colors.



Please don’t mix a leopard print with a zebra print or any two different prints. That will make you look like an animal in the zoo.



Be Styled UK Executive Stylist Tanja’s Tips and Picks:



Wild influences


From day to night, this spring you must invest in fun animal print shoes. 

Every designer and brand has captured this wild influence and so should you.


Animal prints add personality to any look and are styled effortlessly with both neutral and a colour pop wardrobe.



Give it a try this season.


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Why Men Should Place More Trust into Personal Styling Services?

Personal shopping services for men - smart, casual and work attire
Personal Shopping for Men

Dear Gents,

This article is dedicated for you our dear men, boys, fathers and sons! Like a proper host in the party we would like to introduce ourselves.

Be Styled UK is a third and very important part of one big happy The Be Group family. This part of The Be Group offers personal styling services to enable you to complete your personal brand profile.

Personal branding is a marketing strategy focused on your most important product: you!


We are passionate about people, we love to help boost confidence and improve physical perception with our image consultancy services. We thrive on the huge impact a little adjustment from outside can make on the inside. 


Imagine you have just 7 seconds to make a first and lasting impression; we want to make sure your look is the right one - for you and your industry.


Our team of expert stylists and beauticians are equipped to show you how. Working in conjunction with Roberto Revilla we’re here to make you look good and feel even better.

Gents shop deliberately and pragmatically in order to achieve – win, often success drives your intentions. However, dressing for success often requires you to engage in male and female behaviors, like shopping.

This may seem daunting, but do not fear, Be Styled UK is here to provide you with professional help to secure the perfect look for you.

We’re glad to announce that Be Styled UK are those helpful professionals, we love our men and women and giving them the very best time saving service.


Our services cater to the needs of gentlemen who like to shop and want to enjoy the experience guided by our knowledgeable stylists. That being said, if you are one of those gentlemen who want to look amazing, but prefer not to take active role in the shopping experience, our concierge service would be the perfect option for you.

Crowded malls, the indecisiveness of what to buy, the fear of being suckered into buying something you don't want. We take away the stress of and most importantly we save you your most important commodity – time!

With Be Styled UK services you can just sit back and relax or get on with your busy routine. We will do everything for you, after an initial consultation with a stylist; we will shop on your behalf and bring the purchases to your place of work or home. This service is without obligation thus if you do not like the purchases that we present you with, we will return these for you.

Our concierge service can also be applicable to gentlemen who wish to purchase gifts for loved ones; we can take the stress out of shopping for you. It is as easy as clicking your fingers and just waiting for the goods to appear before you. How good is that!?

We love to shop and our professional stylists can easily choose quality clothes and accessories to compliment your existing wardrobe.


No matter your status in life, our clients vary from graduates to senior executives, directors and business owners. No matter the budget, if you want to spend £100 or £10,000. Our professional team has a wonderful eye for detail, colour and style.

Be Styled UK Executive stylist Tanja was very helpful and shared with us what a typical personal shopping session looks like:

It’s always important to get to know the client's needs and set session expectations - saysTanja.


  • “First of all we email the client a list of style questions to assist me in preparing for the booking. I usually follow up with a phone call.

  • During the call we would go through their goals for the session. It is the perfect opportunity get to know their personality and style better.

  • Afterwards, I edit best stores for the client and map a journey to ensure time is not wasted in going to stores that are not suitable.

  • On the day of our session I pull the most suitable looks from each store and get them ready for the client to try on, this means unbuttoning the shirts, zips etc anything that will assist the client in getting changed quicker and with ease.

  • It’s my job to ensure all the items of clothing, accessories and shoes fit well, get appropriate sizes and explain to each client why the ensemble works or not so he can learn as we are shopping. Once the selection has been made we move onto the next store.

  • Within the last 30 min of the session I ask the client what they would like to finish off the session with. Is there anything we haven't covered? Also I always ask them if they have any questions or need more advice on any of the looks we have purchased.

  • I finish the session with any feedback and assist the client with any bags to their car or the tube etc.

  • Afterwards I love to follow up with a client either with an email or phone call to ensure they are happy with their session and cover any questions they may still have.”

Be Styled UK stylists make the personal shopping experience not just efficient but also very enjoyable. Our stylist will treat you as a friend and will help you to overcome any insecurity that you have.


Everything comes with experience; some of Be Styled UK stylists have more than a decade in the industry.

Some of our stylists have household names such as: Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones), Jaimie Alexander (Sif from Thor movies), David Beckham, Tom Hanks, Frank Lampard and Kate Winslet. 


So to place your faith and money into Be Styled UK services are simply a must!

If we haven’t enticed you enough, as a special for Roberto Revilla clients we are offering the 1st hour free on all personal shopping and personal branding services.[1]


To book with us you can call 0208 667 9519 or email

Or follow us on Facebook:

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New Hair Trends for 2014

New Hair Trends For 2014

The New Year is here! It’s time to change for the better. Say goodbye to all bad habits and start from scratch - open a new chapter of your life.

Ok well maybe it isn’t that serious… but New Year… why not to try ‘new hair’

Introducing new hair trends for this year, I hope you will be as intrigued as we were. This year the hairstyles trends are a little bit punk and daring.  When we say daring, we mean edgy haircuts and eye-caching hair colors. So if you want to stand out from the crowd with your image, check out this seasons trendy hairstyles.

Below we have listed some style suggestions from Toni & Guy’ international artistic team. Skillful color techniques include color blocking, root stretching, color flashes and surface shading, with a palette ranging from flaming reds, royal blue and violet. They are in-your-face, strong, solid bright hair colors.

Retro curls come back again

The look: The 70s are major Spring/Summer trends for 2014. The way to tackle the trend is with retro curls. This look has a modern twist with low side partings and they can be completely frizz-free. For more daring personalities, why not try a strong electric pink hair color.

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The Business Women in Action Conference

Director of Be Styled UK at Business Women in Action
Director of Be Styled UK at Business Women in Action

The Business Women in Action Conference is truly amazing with workshops, specialist speakers and exhibitors focused on educating and assisting businesses on engagement marketing, the Campaign for REAL Agreement, The Ups & Downs of a Business Woman of Action.

You can Skills Match, use the Buddy Board, get your questions answered by the Panel of Specialist, Just Like You business women.

We would love to see you there. We guarantee your time will be well spent. Just book your place at

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